Vending machine payment

In "AVE COFFEE" net of vending machines you can pay for your favorite drinks and snacks by the most convenient way for you.

We tried to foresee all possible variants of payment with the help of the latest innovation techniques

  1. Payment by electronic deposit key AVEKEY
  2. Noncash payment
  3. Cash payment  

Payment by electronic deposit key AVEKEY

Electronic deposit key AVEKEY is the innovation technique of payment in coffee and NECTA snack automatic machines. You can buy drinks and snacks without troubles with new deposit key: you needn’t small denominations and change any more.

AVEKEY is topped up in all automatic machines of our vending net by the note of any nominal. The cost of a drink or snack automatically writes off amount on deposit by payment system.

Order electronic deposit key AVEKEY free at our agent of company by tel. +38-044-223-76-30.


Noncash payment

Rendering high level service for the clients, our company offers to take advantage of the opportunity of noncash payment for drinks of coffee machine.

Such variant is very suitable for progressive client oriented companies, whose employers, guests and clients has the opportunity to enjoy excellent coffee drinks out of coffee beans free of charge.

Especially for such clients we worked out a new innovative program "AVE+". This program is of  placing of the best models of coffee and snack machines NECTA with individual price conditions.


Cash payment

Our company offers cash payment variant, in the case of placing the machine in public places. The payment in machines is made with the help of  note receiver which gets the coins of 10, 25, 50 cop. and 1 grivna. The change is handed automatically with the coins of 25 and 50 cop.