Developing the vending IT solutions our company provides the complex supplement of vending machines’ net by telemetry facilities.

For the time being, the remote access systems mainly serve for data communications for the purposes of control, planning and machine service and sale optimization. The operator at any time can control the presence of each kind of product, sales volume at different time, check the presence of subsidiary money, as well as change the prizes and update of the programs, this makes possible for operator to avoid demurrage of vending machine and constantly optimize the commodity turnover.

Due to quick information transmission and data processing the operator can fill the machine in time with those products, which are mostly claimed in any sales outlet, as well as remove less profitable good. Besides the system allows an operator without leaving the office to eliminate defects and fault conditions of a machine. Service staff gets a preliminary troubleshooting of the problem and note with indication of necessary replacement components for repairing the machine on-site.

Thus the telemetric solution became an important marketing instrument in vending which allowed bating expenses greatly and increasing efficiency of operator’s work. Nowadays, vending companies, which uses a telemetric system, notice increasing in turnover from 25% to 30% just due to this system. More than 50 million vending machines all over the world will be fitted out remote access systems till the and of 2010. Such information was given by American Harbor Research Institute.

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